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Dr. Kamalbarathi N.Barathilingam

General Surgery

MD (UGM, Indonesia), MS (UM), MRCS (Ireland)
Fellowship of Hernia Essentials (APHS)

Dr. Kamalbarathi N.Barathilingam is a dedicated medical professional with more than 10 years of general surgical experience. Able to manage and perform most general surgical procedures with finesse and good outcomes. Well-accustomed to acute and trauma care, abdominal, breast and thyroid surgeries as well as endoscopy.

What is the role of a General Surgeon?

A General Surgeon specializes in the treatment of all types of surgery, ranging from treatment of thyroid disorders, benign and cancerous diseases of the breast, gall bladder, stomach, intestine, appendix, colorectal and anal disorders as well as hernias.

When do you need to see a General Surgeon?

You should always seek medical advice from a Surgeon if you experience:

  1. Any abnormal skin lumps or swellings on the body.
  2. Enlargements of the thyroid gland.
  3. When you find an abnormal lump in the breast or axilla.
  4. Frequent stomach pains or upper abdominal pain with indigestion ,vomiting or heartburn.
  5. Change in bowels habits like constipation, passage of abnormal mucous or blood in the stools and pain while defecating with abnormal weight loss.
  6. A sudden onset of abdominal pain with vomiting and fever.
  7. When you find a swelling over the groin or inguinal area.
  8. Passage of blood during passing motion.
  9. A severe and sharp burning pain in the anus during defecation.
  10. When a circumcision is required.
  11. In morbidly obese people who have tried and failed to lose weight.