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Dr. Lim Li Aik (Vincent) 林家臣医生

Orthopaedic Surgery

MBBS (West Indies), M.Surg Ortho (UKM), CMIA

Dr. Lim Li Aik (Vincent) graduated from the University of West Indies at Trinidad and Tobago, graduating with a Masters of Orthopaedic Surgery from University Kebangsaan Malaysia.

What is the role of an Orthopaedic surgeon?

Orthopaedic surgeon treats patients with musculoskeletal problems. These problems involve a number of conditions that affect the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. These conditions could begin with child birth disorders like club foot, involves in trauma which could be minor injury such as abrasions till fixation of complex fractures, joints disorders like arthritis, spine disorders, bone tumors, sports and ligamentous injuries and also osteoporosis. Orthopaedic surgeon works closely with other healthcare providers, physiotherapists and clinicians in his practice field. His knowledge and education is also to provide safety guidelines to workers in our society.

When do you need to see an Orthopaedic surgeon?

An appointment with an Orthopaedic surgeon is made when you suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. Those conditions could be as simple as listed below:

  1. Difficult lifting routine tools using particular hand or carrying objects with pain.
  2. Pain in joints or muscles and tendons that last more than the usual time it had happened before.
  3. Joint pain that is more intense when resting or at night.
  4. Any deformity of joints.
  5. Inability to straighten the back, stiffness when standing.
  6. Swelling or bruising at the limbs.
  7. Any kind of infection observed by inflammation, heat, redness and / or fever.
  8. Generally unusual symptoms to the area of pain.
  9. Children walk with abnormal gait.
  10. Severe skeletal or joint pain following a trivial injury.